Caffeine, an Evil Kind of Awesome

You know, why is this stuff not illegal?

I mean, there are legal medications out there that will make you start going through withdraws after a few days, but at least you need a prescription for them!

No caffeine yet today (although I believe that’s about to change, with a soon-to-be trip to my friendly neighborhood El Pollo Loco!), and already the blood vessels in my head are spinning around like drunken dreidels. Low blood pressure sucks. But is it enough to stop my intake?

Using caffeine as a workout supplement is great, too. Check out this article by my beloved Figure Athlete: Dissolving Fat with Caffine

But on the other side is doing it right. I don’t just drink sodas, I drink diet sodas. Now, I’m not going to get into a discussion over which is worse: sugar and an exploding heart, or artificial sugars and a crippled brain – but it’s no secret that the ingredients are pretty icky. I mean, caramel sodas (Pepsi and Coke) have phosphoric acid in them! A substance used to strip metal!  And the pH of most soda pop is 2.8, which is super acidic.

Now.. if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a pepsi Max to hunt down.

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3 Responses to Caffeine, an Evil Kind of Awesome

  1. Roberta says:

    LOL!!!!! You are insane!!!! I do like Pollo Loco and have switched my caffeine intake form Coffee to Green Tea….I am so proud of myself since now I can say I am doing the Healthy stuff and still get the caffeine fix.
    It’s healthy legal addiction now!

  2. Marselia says:

    Thanks for the interesting information.

  3. makalbo says:

    I added your blog to Google Reader.