Leadership Poll – My Take

I found a poll on LinkedIn today, and had to comment. The question:

50% of all upper management positions are lost due to?

The choices where: “Declining skills”, “out dated in their approach”, “get demoted”, “health related”, and “loss of mental focus”.

Here is what I wrote in response:

I believe it is a mixture of some of the answer options – and it comes down to: “lack of growth”. Unfortunately, many people are inspired to grow only from what they will get. There are those looking to be in upper management out of a need of significance and a chance at operational management, instead of positional leadership. Once these people meet (or give up on) their goal, the motivation dies. Lack of growth and adaptability, like everything else in life, signifies a type of death. One must always be willing to grow and adapt in order to meet the constant challenges of life and leadership.

Here’s a link to the poll’s results. Not sure if it’ll let you vote on this screen, but it’ll let you comment if you’re on LinkedIn. And while you’re there, look me up: Mary Hamer on LinkedIn

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