Spam Crazy!

So I’ve not updated this in a LONG time as the majority of what I’ve been doing is on Facebook. Also, I’ve gotten a LOT of spam as comments, so I’m disabling them for the time being until I can get some better security around here! Sheesh! Anyway, check below for my social networks, and connect with me there!

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Mary Hamer’s Social Networks

I have updated my list of Social Networks on my Social Networks page! I’m hoping soon to have one place where I can direct everyone and they can connect me everywhere from that hub! There are a lot, and this doesn’t include anything for S.I.G.M.A. Project, and only limited for my modeling and other musical endeavors…. plus, I still need to get on Vampire Freaks. Still haven’t done that. Not good for the lead singer of a Symphonic Goth Metal band! For ease, here’s the list, re-posted.

My Social Networks…

Modeling Myspace:
Mailing List:

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Leadership Poll – My Take

I found a poll on LinkedIn today, and had to comment. The question:

50% of all upper management positions are lost due to?

The choices where: “Declining skills”, “out dated in their approach”, “get demoted”, “health related”, and “loss of mental focus”.

Here is what I wrote in response:

I believe it is a mixture of some of the answer options – and it comes down to: “lack of growth”. Unfortunately, many people are inspired to grow only from what they will get. There are those looking to be in upper management out of a need of significance and a chance at operational management, instead of positional leadership. Once these people meet (or give up on) their goal, the motivation dies. Lack of growth and adaptability, like everything else in life, signifies a type of death. One must always be willing to grow and adapt in order to meet the constant challenges of life and leadership.

Here’s a link to the poll’s results. Not sure if it’ll let you vote on this screen, but it’ll let you comment if you’re on LinkedIn. And while you’re there, look me up: Mary Hamer on LinkedIn

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Caffeine, an Evil Kind of Awesome

You know, why is this stuff not illegal?

I mean, there are legal medications out there that will make you start going through withdraws after a few days, but at least you need a prescription for them!

No caffeine yet today (although I believe that’s about to change, with a soon-to-be trip to my friendly neighborhood El Pollo Loco!), and already the blood vessels in my head are spinning around like drunken dreidels. Low blood pressure sucks. But is it enough to stop my intake?

Using caffeine as a workout supplement is great, too. Check out this article by my beloved Figure Athlete: Dissolving Fat with Caffine

But on the other side is doing it right. I don’t just drink sodas, I drink diet sodas. Now, I’m not going to get into a discussion over which is worse: sugar and an exploding heart, or artificial sugars and a crippled brain – but it’s no secret that the ingredients are pretty icky. I mean, caramel sodas (Pepsi and Coke) have phosphoric acid in them! A substance used to strip metal!  And the pH of most soda pop is 2.8, which is super acidic.

Now.. if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a pepsi Max to hunt down.

((image credit))

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Half Life and AOE… it’s the 90s again!

Head Crab Hat!

Head Crab Hat!

For some reason, whilst growing up, I never got around to playing Half Life. I know, I know.. I don’t know how it happened either. Most of my friends and family where big on FPSs early on. So big in fact, that when I got a new game for Christmas or Birthday, Dad was either hogging the comp, or the console with my game. But that’s a different story. 😉

Here I am, married to the hugest Half Life fan in the world.

And, of course, I did the right thing. I made sure I was completely scarse when HL2 came out… and again with HL2:1 came out… and again with The Orange Box.

BUT WAIT! What’s this? Portal, you say? Now, this was awhile ago, back when it first came out, but it took my husband a few times of assuring me that Half Life was just like Portal, only faster and with more killing, to make me break down and go back to play the original. It’s depressing.

Why is it depressing? Well, not only did I neglect to play my husband’s favorite game in the world (believe me, I would have felt pretty down if Trevor had refused to play Morrowind for years!), but it took me until I played (what I would consider) a “gateway game” in order to play it. Dang.

At the same time, I’ve been going back and playing a bit of Age of Empires. Let’s throw some STP on the player and have a party.

But going back to Half Life – I’ve started playing a few times before and always got distracted for some reason. One time I was playing it without the CD, but apparently another CD was in the drive. It starts spinning up as I walk down a corredor. As a turn, I’m face to face with two of my enemys eating scientist face, suddenly set to “Who Are You” by The Who.   .. I’ll have to make a YouTube re-enactment one of these days.

Hopefully I’ll finish it this time so I can go on to number 2! Lot’s going on, so it’ll still take me some time, but Trevor’s getting a kick out of watching me jump, scream and then laugh.  …. fun times.

(Head Crab Hat photo from blog found here)

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Under Construction

Hi everyone! I’m still creating content, getting my demo reels ready to post, and re-organizing my photos, so, please stay tuned!

Thank you for checking out my site, and if you have any questions whatsoever, please click on the contact option towards the top right. (Seriously, I love answering questions, so keep em’ coming!)

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